Intelligent Monitoring Solutions

The C1000 provides the most space efficient, cost effective way of deploying discrete telemetry to your surveillance network. The C1000's high-density design is the smart alternative to the WS1000 for the user who requires up to 256 discrete alarm collection and 32 discrete control outputs in a single 1VU height rack space.





Remote site monitor featuring 32 to 256 discrete collection input points.
4 to 32 discrete control outputs.

Comes with industry standard 50-pin rear access connectors.

Wiring connections references permanently displayed on unit.

Front panel dip-switch configuration.

TBOS, TABS host reporting protocols available.

Expansion port serves as a TABS or TBOS data collection protocol.

Supports both RS-422/485 standard host interface.

Optional RS-232 interface is available.

Optional internal 202T/V.23 modem available.

Can be mounted in 19" or 23" standard rack.

Operates on -24/-48VDC power.


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