Remote Monitoring

The WS1000 was the first high-density telemetry unit that introduced a unique design integrating field wiring and system electronics into a plug-in frame style remote alarm block. This design allows service without disturbing the front accessible field wiring. For simple discrete alarm collection and remote controls, the WS1000 is the most cost effective unit available today, and is a proven solution, demonstrated by its worldwide deployment.




Remote site monitor featuring 64 or 128 discrete collection input points.

8-40 discrete control outputs.

Built in wire-wrap panel with wiring connection references on flip-down door.

Front panel dip-switch configuration.

TBOS or TABS host reporting protocols available.

Expansion port serves as a TABS or TBOS data collection protocol.

Supports both RS-422/485 standard host interface.

Optional RS-232 interface is available.

Optional internal 202T/V.23 modem available.

Optional mounting bar allows single installation or in pairs in a 19" or 23" standard rack.

Up to 32 WS1000 units can be attached to a single TABS bus.

Operates on standard -24/-48VDC power.


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