Remote Monitoring

The WS2000 is one of the most versatile and widely deployed remote monitor/remote telemetry units available today. The WS2000 sets the industry standard for simple and quick installation and provisioning.




Remote alarm monitor featuring 32 discrete collection input points (dry contact alarms), expandable to 512 points.

8 discrete control outputs expandable to 128 control outputs.

4 or 8 alarm collection serial ports available.

TABS, E2A/E-Telemetry,TBOS, MCS-11 and WASP (ASCII) Host reporting protocols available.

1200, 2400 and 9600 bps host interface.

Optional internal 202T/V.23 modem.

Configuration using the permanently installed rack-mount Wesmaint, the portable Wesmaint or the PC Wesmaint.

Upload, download and save configurations from your PC using the PC Wesmaint.

Front panel DB-25 craft port.

LED indicators for discrete alarms, controls, host communications and internal alarms.

Operates on standard -24/-48VDC power.

1 VU rack height (1.75").

-24/48 VDC operation.


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