Remote Monitoring

The WS3500 is a powerful, flexible and expandable Intelligent Remote Terminal Unit (RTU ) and remote site alarm monitor. The WS3500 reports to host Network Management Systems via TL-1, and/or SNMP over a TCP/IP LAN or via modem dial-up and is remotely configurable.




NEBS Certified


Win98/2000/XP based Metago Manager / Metago Manager LITE software for remote configuration and firmware update.

0 to 128 discrete collection points/system expandable to 512 input points for expandable remote site alarm capability.

0 to 16 discrete control outputs/system expandable to 64 control points.

Front Panel Craft Port interface.

8 Serial Ports on the main board (RS-232 or RS-422/485). Expandable to 24 Serial ports per system.

SNMP or TL-1 reporting via IP LAN, or serial PPP.

Wireless IP interface also available.

16 concurrent IP sessions allowing multiple user access.

InSite web browser interface provides Remote Terminal Unit Alarm Summary, Database information, and the ability to operate controls.

Modem Dial-Up and pager feature available.

Modem connection supports PPP.

Protocol Mediation - Collect and Concentrate TABS or TBOS into TL-1 and/or SNMP.

Rules based correlation capabilities - can either operate an output relay, send page, or send email message.

NEBS III certified.

Rich TL-1 message set, which includes alarm point description, severity, service affecting indication, CLLI, and workgroup for all reported alarms.

Standard -48VDC Telecom power requirements.

Optional E2A Collection Module.

Optional Spectrum 215R Wallboard display.

Optional ANALOG input, via WS-ARM/1 - supports environmental inputs, battery voltage and current for remote telemetry unit applications.

Optional Metago Monitor PC Utility for viewing alarm summary from multiple WS3500 remote terminal units/remote site monitors.

Provides an end-to-end fault management solution.


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