Central Office & Remote Site Monitoring

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    In the Central Office (CO) or Point-of-Presence (POP) building environment, Westronic alarm monitoring products collect and concentrate alarm data from contact closures or serial interfaces and mediate or convert the alarms into industry standard protocols (TL1, SNMP, E2A, TABS). Analog data, such as voltage and current from battery plants, can also be collected using the Westronic WS-ARM/1 analog remote module. Alarm information is reported to a Network Operations Centre (NOC) through applications such as Telecordia NMA®, MicroMuse Netcool®, HP OpenView®, HP OpenView TeMIP®, Harris NetBoss®, IBM NetExpert®, What’sUp® Gold, MegaSys Telenium® and others third party NMS solutions. The alarm information can also be reported to the Westronic Metago® Monitor application when using TL1.
  Outside Plant Monitoring - (CEVs, HUTS, Cabinets, Walk-Ins)

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    The Outside Plant (OSP) environment presents additional monitoring challenges, when compared with a CO or POP site. The alarm collection requirements are similar, but must be optimized to account for limited space, reduced point counts and the difficulty sometimes encountered when implementing a physical communications facility (i.e. 4-wire data circuit, overhead channel, LAN, etc.) to the remote location. Westronic alarm collection devices can be deployed either in a master/slave configuration (WS1000 reporting to a WS3500 for alarm concentration), or installed individually (WS1800). In either case, Westronic products report alarms from contact closures, serial interfaces or analog data, and mediate the alarm information to TL1, SNMP to report it to the Network Operations Centre (NOC) application.

Outside Plant monitoring manages environmental conditions, extended temperature, open doors, power, as well as battery voltage midpoint measurement to determine the battery conditions.

  Microwave Radio Monitoring

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Certain scenarios, like microwave radio activity, requires monitoring of both discrete and analog data on a multi-drop platform, through a serial polling channel where IP is not available.

The WS-ADM combines collection and transport of analog data with support of up to 16 discrete inputs and 4 relay outputs to deliver the flexibility required.

Also manage your facilities' battery plant, operating temperature and humidity, air quality and security with the WS-ADM.


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