Benefits / Return on Investment
    Your business is continually seeking out new ways to reduce operating expenses and keep capital expenditures to a minimum. At the same time, you want to maintain or improve quality, productivity, and business processes.

Taking a proactive approach to managing your network activities will facilitate realization of your business goals, and provide several benefits and cost saving opportunities.


  Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers breed loyalty. There is no simpler way to generate revenue than through satisfied customers eager to work with you and tell their associates about your outstanding service.
Enhance your ability to sell new additional services.
Consider...the payback of reducing customer churn by 5%.

  Eliminate System Downtime
    100% uptime keeps your customers satisfied, and reduces your requirement for internal resources.
Maintain specific preventative maintenance programs.
Costly service agreement penalties are avoided.
Consider...the payback of a 10% reduction in Service Level Agreement penalties and fines.

  Reduce the Number of Remote Site Visits
    Reducing "windshield time" saves valuable man-hours.
Intelligent distributed notification saves response time.
Remotely configure your sites, reducing set up costs and costly errors.
Consider...the cost savings by sending one man and truck once, instead of two or more.

  Optimize Resource Deployment
    Intelligent monitoring not only indicates that a problem exists, but also provides a granular level of data permitting you to dispatch the appropriate resource the first time.
Intelligent monitoring enables first response to problems to be handled on-site.
Intelligent distributed notification enables prompt response by the right person the first time.
Consider...the cost savings if a battery failure is anticipated in advance rather than after damaging other valuable equipment.

  Extend the Life of Legacy Equipment
    Ability to integrate intelligent remote monitoring equipment with legacy equipment keeps capital investment to a minimum.
Ability to meet performance requirements without replacing all equipment.
Solutions provided where protocol updates/replacement too expensive to implement.
Integrate new services and related equipment.
Consider...the financial impact of reduced cash investment up front.

  Asset Protection
    Reduce or eliminate the risk of exposing expensive equipment to environmental conditions, intrusion or failure.
Lower risk of small failure creating significant loss of equipment.
Compliance with ever-changing need to meet minimum security standards.
Consider...potential savings gained in your insurance program.

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