Recognizing that each customer has a unique infrastructure and consequently distinct alarm monitoring requirements, Westronic delivers scalable solutions designed to fit your environment in the most cost-effective manner.

  Case Study 1: Regional Telecommunications Company
      Replacing Network Host System.
Legacy Host System had many transmission protocols.
Using variety of proprietary monitoring equipment.
Requirement to intelligently collect, concentrate, and report all data.

      Westronic developed interface to proprietary protocols.
Westronic WS3500 Units installed to concentrate data from legacy remote systems.
WS3500 installation allowed the customer to maintain existing infrastructure, and supported staged replacement of legacy devices.
WS3500 offers expandable platform for additional discrete or serial collection, beyond immediate protocol concentration functions.

  Case Study 2: Regional Wireless Provider
      Corporate headquarters has Network Host System, using Westronic WS2000 monitoring equipment.
Wireless division required more protocol flexibility.
Wireless division has desire for own host system.
Requirement to collect TL1 and SNMP from field devices.
Requirement for more reporting functionality.

      Westronic WS3500 Units installed to concentrate WS2000 data and send intelligent messaging to newly acquired Network Host System.

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