WS3500 PC Configuration / Monitoring Utilities
  Metago Monitor
Metago™ Monitor is a stand-alone PC application used to collect and display TL-1 alarms from multiple WS3500 RTUs, arranged chronologically by severity, and in real-time. This utility does not require any database configuration, beyond the IP address and TID of the monitored RTU. Metago™ Monitor also logs all TL-1 traffic to a local log file for historical review. It generates communications alarms to notify you of the IP connection status to the configured RTUs, and can issue controls to activate the WS3500 output relays.

To further distribute visibility to the monitored WS3500 RTUs, Metago™ Monitor can also act as a web server to publish the alarm summary to the LAN, available to anyone on the network with a web browser.



NEW: Microsoft MapPoint plug-in for geographical alarm presentation

Web server interface, for multi-user support
Alarm Acknowledgements and Comments (via master, or browser sessions)
Audible Alerts (on master and browser sessions)
Ability to Issue Controls, with user verification
AutoConnect - automatically attempts to restore connections for selected RTUs
Alarm Logging
Ability to Inhibit nuisance alarms, and view in Inhibited Alarm Summary
Metago Monitor Screen
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