Mid-Point Battery Monitoring
  Proactively Monitoring Battery Plants from the NOC

Simply monitoring the overall plant voltage from your sites isn't enough to ensure a timely response to developing battery problems. By the time site voltage levels start to drop, its too late. In many cases, you have less than 8 hours to repair battery cells and/or strings before complete failure of the battery occurs, which likely means service interruption.

Individual cells within a battery string can start to break down long before the problem is apparent in terms of plant voltage. If left unchecked, this can eventually lead to 'runaway' conditions causing heating, as well as generation of hydrogen gases that can explode. Thermal runaway can also create H2S gassing which is very corrosive and will damage equipment within the cabinet. The breakdown of a cell is initially indicated by a fluctuation in voltage, but this small fluctuation is indistinguishable when only the overall plant voltage is being measured. Westronic has addressed this problem by providing mid-point battery measurement, which can detect an imbalance between the two string segments, and report user defined threshold levels as alarms to the Network Operations Center. This proactive approach can help operations and maintenance personnel address the problems before they become catastrophic. This protects the capital investment and can help to reduce service outages caused by battery problems.



This capability is integrated into the WS1800 Alarm Device and is also available as a stand alone device that provides alarm outputs using relay contact closures that can be tied into existing alarm collection devices. Key benefits to this solution include simplicity and ease of installation



Westronic Systems provides intelligent management solutions for network operators to proactively manage the battery plant in their sites. These solutions include integrated Central Office (CO) and Outside Plant (OSP) platforms that include the following capabilities:

  • Up to four battery strings (Eight 0-60vdc analog inputs)
    • Screw terminals for the analog (battery) connections
  • Battery string voltage measurement
    • User configuration for the overall string voltage with 4 threshold alarm settings
  • Battery mid-point voltage measurement
    • User configuration for the differential setting available for 2 threshold alarm
      settings for each battery string
    • User defined deadband value to prevent the alarms from going in and out of

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