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  Standard Repair Policy

Our goal is that all equipment authorized for repair which has been manufactured by Westronic Systems. and used in accordance with Westronic Systems. instructions will be repaired and shipped to the customer within thirty (30) working days from receipt of the faulty equipment at the Westronic Repair Facility.


  Repair Charges
Equipment covered under warranty will be repaired at no charge to the Customer. When requested by the Customer, equipment repair can be expedited. Contact the Return Material Coordinator for pricing.

Non-warranty equipment will be repaired at a standard charge based on equipment type. This equipment will be repaired in the standard 30 working day period. The repair period will begin from receipt of the faulty equipment at the Westronic Systems repair center. For repair charges, please contact the Return Material Coordinator.

Repair of discontinued products will be determined on a quotation basis only.

  When Service is Needed

1. Provide written or verbal notification of the problem, and obtain a Return Authorization number and shipping instructions from the Return Material Department Coordinator. You will need an RMA Form.

2. All returns should have the Return Material Authorization number marked on the outside of the shipping package.

3. All equipment may either be returned prepaid to the Westronic repair facility, or Westronic can invoice for delivery charges.

4. Repaired equipment will have a six month warranty from the date of the repair or for the unexpired portion of the original warranty.

5. All repaired equipment will be shipped to the customer by best means available as determined by Westronic Systems, Inc. unless pre-arranged otherwise. Expedited shipping methods will be paid by the customer.

For international returns, the customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Customer Service Inquiries
Contact: Return Authorization Coordinator
Telephone: (403) 250-8304
FAX: (403) 263-2174
Tech. Support (877) 253-8304
Equipment Return Address
Westronic Systems
#200, 550 71st Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2H 0S6
  Things you need to know when you call in for an RMA number:

Contact Phone Number
Bill to Address and Attention Name
Ship to Address and Attention Name
Part Number
Serial Number
Warranty Status
Problem Description

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  Packaging of Returned Product

Returns are to be shipped to Westronic Systems using original packaging or an adequate equivalent including but not limited to ESD bags and antistatic foam. Damage incurred to equipment due to improper packaging is not the responsibility of Westronic Systems and will not be covered under any applicable warranty.

All product should be packaged individually in shielding bags.

Product should be surrounded on all sides with foam, bubble packaging, or other package padding.

All excess space should be filled with packaging material so that product cannot move around inside the box.

All RMAs must include an RMA number, return shipping address, billing address, and detailed description of the problem.

Click on the picture to see an enlarged photo of poorly packaged product.

The above are examples of poorly packaged product because: the product is not individually shipped in antistatic bags, no paper work, not enough packaging to keep components immobile, not enough packaging to keep box from being compressed during shipment.

  P/O Number (optional)  
  Customer Company Name  
  Contact Name  
  Fax# (optional)  
  E-mail (optional)  
  BILL to Company Name  
  BILL to Address
  SHIP to Company Name  
  SHIP to Address  
  Part Number  
  Serial Number  
  Is the unit still under warranty?
  Yes No
Please describe the problem
Please describe the steps you have taken to troubleshoot the problem?

1. After submitting the RMA form, a customer representative will either call or email you with an RMA number.

2. The RMA number must appear on all shipping documents and packages.

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