Westronic offers a variety of technical training courses for companies and professionals who use and support Westronic products. Training sessions are conducted either at Westronic’s headquarters in Calgary, AB, Canada or on-site at a customer requested location. All sessions can be customized to fit individual customer requirements.

Courses are one to three days in duration, depending on the curriculum covered. All courses include student materials and appropriate manuals.

Scheduling of classes must be confirmed and a purchase order received by Westronic at least 30 days prior to the required date.

For more information concerning your technical training requirements, please contact Westronic’s Technical Support department at 1-403-250-8304 or


  Course Offerings

WS2000 MCS-11
WS2000 E2A

Note: Training courses on WS1000, C1000, and ancillary products are included in WS2000 courses. Makeup of each course is by modules, including only those protocols and equipment types applicable to the individual customer or application.

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