Intelligent Monitoring Solutions

The WS-ADM (Analog Discrete Module) offers broad network management capability in a single, easy to install footprint.

Network reliability in distributed facility environments demands small, powerful and flexible solutions. The WS-ADM combines collection and transport of analog data with support of up to 16 discrete inputs and 4 relay outputs to deliver such flexibility.





Each WS-ADM unit can collect data from up to 8 analog inputs and up to 4 temperature and humidity sensors. 2 inputs are fixed 0 to -60VDC that will typically be used to monitor battery voltage, while the remaining 6 inputs are able to interface to any Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) transducer that supports 4 - 20mA or bipolar 100mV.

The WS-ADM optionally supports 8 discrete inputs/2 relay outputs,
or 16 discrete inputs/ 4 relay outputs.

The WS-ADM reports either TBOS (threshold crossings) or raw analog data via DNP3.

8 Analog inputs per WS-ADM, can be daisy chained together on RS-485 serial channel. The WS-ADM can also report via 202T modem on 4 wire data circuits.

The WS-ADM uses a subset of the Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3) over either an
RS-232 or RS-485 serial connection. When reporting to a WS3500 via RS-485, the unit can be multi-dropped with up to 4 remotes on a serial port

The WS-ADM comes standard in a 1VU rackmount enclosure


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