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With superior provisioning capability, the WS3500 is a modular platform providing a custom approach to alarm collection and distributed reporting. Leveraging a real-time OS and architecture, the WS3500 ensures unsurpassed scalability, performance and reliability, bringing intelligent alarming and situational awareness to the entire organization.

For over 30 years, Westronic has provided the telecom industry with an extensive portfolio of alarm management solutions suitable for any environment. The WS3500 is the flagship platform and provides an unparalleled modular hardware and software approach to site tailored solutions.

Alarm aggregation, protocol mediation and distributed reporting is simple to configure and manage bringing a new level of monitoring capability to network operations. With backwards compatible I/O terminations, migration from serial based legacy RTUs to the latest IP centric solutions, becomes easy and cost effective.

Features and Benefits

Customizable Platform

  • Modular appproach
  • Distributed reporting
  • Concurrent protocol mediation
  • Expandable I/O modules
  • Many optional media interfaces
  • Easily upgrade from legacy products

Superior Performance

  • QNX real-time OS running on a 32 bit Microprocessor
  • Software abstraction eliminates communication synchronization issues
  • Systems with over 50,000 alarm points have been deployed.
  • TL-1 protocol routing

InSite Web Server

  • Real-time alarm summary
  • Alarm and operations logs
  • Protocol analyzers
  • Alarm simulation
  • Secure web server available

Intelligent Alarm Management

  • Rules-based correlation application
  • Alarm consolidation with derived alarms
  • Customizable ancillary alarm information
  • Remote access and alarm viewing
  • Specialized system alarms

Provisioning Made Easy

  • Centralized offline configuration and firmware management tool
  • Excel based bulk loading
  • On-board protocol analyzer


Main Chassis

CPU: 32 bit, 300 MHz
Power (V): Dual 48 VDC
Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.5"x17.6"x10.3" (8.9 cm x 44.7 cm x 26.2 cm)
Weight: 15 lbs. (6.8 kg)
Available Module Slots: 2 which may be used for Serial Expansion or Discrete I/O
Expansion Interface: The architecture supports up to three expansion chassis

Expansion Chassis

Available Module Slots: 2
Power (V): Dual 48 VDC
Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.5"x17.6"x10.3" (8.9 cm x 44.7 cm x 26.2 cm)
Weight: 15 lbs. (6.8 kg), , 18 lbs (8 kg) maximum packaged

Discrete I/O Module

Discreet Inputs: 64 - 512
Sampling Rate: 10 Hz
Input Voltage: Referenced to –48VDC
Input Current: 0.74 mA – 3.1 mA per point
Protection: Sustain maximum transient voltages of
15 kV per Telcordia GR1089
Logic Levels: (Off) –15VDC through –60VDC,
1 (On) –7VDC through +5VDC
Discrete Outputs: 8 - 64
Relay Type: SPDT Form C
Operation Types: Momentary, latched, or flash
Contact Ratings: 1.0 Amp at 30VDC
0.5 Amps at 125VAC
30 Watts (maximum) switching power


Storage Temperature: -40℉ to +158℉
(-40℃ to +70℃)
Operating Temperature: -4℉ to +104℉
(-20℃ to +40℃)
Relative Humidity: 5% to 90% non-condensing

Optional Equipment

  • Optional E2A Collection Module.
  • Optional Spectrum 215R Wallboard display.
  • Modem Dial-Up and email/text feature available.

Configuration Utilities

The WS3500 is a powerful, flexible and expandable Intelligent Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) that collects alarms through discrete contact-closure inputs and serial protocols, including TBOS. Host reporting is via either TL-1 or SNMP over TCP/IP. Serial modem reporting is also supported

Westronic offers the following PC based utilities to connect to the WS3500:

  • WS Manager
    • Maintain multiple RTU configurations
    • Learn More
    • Allows a shared or local SQL database of RTU configurations for both the WS3500 and WS2200

      Allows for a single point of access to the RTUs for user configuration with the WS Manager Connection Server. This allows for network separation between the WS Manager client and users, and the WS3500 and WS2200 RTUs.

      Secure communication available for configuration

  • Manager LITE
    • Included with the purchase of a WS3500 at no extra charge.
    • Learn More

    Manager LITE is intended for users, such as installers, who do not need to maintain a large number of RTU configurations.


    This utility allows users to:

    • Create a new configuration for an RTU
    • Upload the current configuration from an RTU
    • Define the identification characteristics of the RTU
    • Add points for Discrete I/O acquisition boards, as well as polled serial protocols
    • Modify alarm point parameters, such as description, severity, CLLI
    • Set the time and date
    • Enable features, such as InSite and the LCD Display
    • Setup alarm point correlations to activate output relays, or issue an alphanumeric page, based on an input alarm point
    • Download a new configuration to the WS3500
    • Upgrade the Firmware
    • Backup and Restore to local files on the PC
    • View configuration activity log

  • Manager Standard
    • Maintain multiple RTU configurations
    • Learn More
    • In addition to the features supported by Manager LITE, Manager Standard adds the ability to maintain multiple RTU configurations in the active database. These multiple RTUs can be preconfigured, and then simply downloaded to the device once installed. Manager Standard also allows the user to import from, and export to, fixed format CSV (comma separated value) template files to further assist in the configuration and maintenance of the database.

      Manager Standard, with its additional flexibility, can greatly simplify both the initial database building process as well as ongoing maintenance, and is geared towards database managers responsible for RTUs on an enterprise-wide basis.

      Manager Standard


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