Remote Terminal Units

Westronic remote alarm monitoring products feature the most advanced monitoring capabilities available today, including both TL1 and SNMP reporting, discrete and analog alarm collection, and remote configuration.

Westronic products are NEBS approved, and designed for expandability and easy integration into existing infrastructure, including legacy equipment.


With superior provisioning capability, the WS3500 is a modular platform providing a custom approach to alarm collection and distributed reporting.
The WS1800 is a low-cost, 16-point Ethernet/Serial/Dial-up Modem alarm monitoring device, capable of TL1, SNMP, TBOS or TABS host reporting.

Designed for outside plant and small facility applications, the WS400 is an environmentally hardened solution for remote alarm management where space is at a premium

The WS2000 sets the industry standard for simple and quick installation and provisioning.